Moonlight Nursery and Primary School

Moonlight School has now been funded for their classrooms. This project was a special project and partnership with Central Elementary School in Longmont, Colorado. We are grateful for the partnership we had which provided three classrooms, latrines and desks. Now it is time for Think Humanity to begin their building project for a Girls' Think Humanity Secondary School.

This is a special project under Think Humanity's educational program. We fund it by opportunity/special fundraisers only.

The school's mission is: To promote literacy among the rural disadvantaged in the community.

Moonlight is in Wagesa Trading Centre in Buhanika Village in Hoima District. The children are Banyoro by tribe. This area is in the Bunyoro Kingdom in western Uganda.

The school began in 2008 with approximately 50 students by Wobusobozi Moses. Today there are nearly 200 students at the school, yet there is not a permanent school building, but more of a shelter without sides with no floor and an insufficient roof.

Think Humanity began helping Moonlight Nursery and Primary School in 2011 and by the end of the year we had constructed a water well nearby the school. Later, Central Elementary School in Longmont, Colorado, became the sister school. It held several fundraisers and provided the students with school desks and mosquito nets.

One of our goals is to help them to construct a better building so that children can remain in class during rainy season and so that the desks, chalkboards and other school items will be protected inside a closed building.

Learn more about the Bunyoro Kingdom from western Uganda.

In 2015 the first brick classroom was finished. In 2016 the second classroom was completed and the third classroom was completed in 2017.

Thanks to all the donors and especially to Central Elementary School in Longmont, Colorado, and Sharon Naimon-Norton. Also thank you to Red Frog Coffee and Browns Shoe Fit in Longmont for supporting this project for Moonlight Nursery and Primary School by selling products made in Uganda.

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