Clean Water Project - Water is Life

People in the refugee camps and underdeveloped rural communities need access to clean water sources. Women and children make their daily walk to fetch polluted water in containers weighing up to 40 pounds.

Time spent walking and resulting diseases keep them from school, work and taking care of their families. While some may boil the water, many thirsty and unknowing children and adults simply drink water directly from open swamps, which can result in diseases such as typhoid, cholera and worm parasites.

The good news is that we are changing all this by providing wells. The wells we are constructing are located in the villages where water is most needed. The wells that ourengineer constructs are the India Mark11 Hand-Pumps.

Think Humanity has provided clean water for thousands of refugees and people in underdeveloped communities in the following locations:

  • Kyangwali Refugee Camp - Kinyakeitaka Village (Global Healing) 2010
  • Kyangwali Refugee Camp - Munsisa Village (AFP) 2010
  • Kyangwali Refugee Camp - Coburwas Learning Center, Water Storage Tank 2009
  • Kyaka II Refugee Camp -Upper Sweswe 2011
  • Kyaka II - Lower Sweswe 2011
  • Kyaka II - Kyangwali Village (Paulsen and others) 2011
  • Karwabuhire Village in Hoima District (Rice) 2012
  • Kanenankumba Village in Hoima District (Rice) 2012
  • Buhanika Village near Moonlight Primary School (Jubilate and others) 2012
  • Hoima town near Morningstar Secondary School (multiple donors) 2011
  • Kyarujumba Village in Kyangwali sub-county (Think Humanity Golf Tournament) 2012
  • Buhimba in Hoima District (AFP) 2013
  • KyrusheshainKyangwali sub-county (multiple donors) 2013
  • Musayija Mukuru on border of Hoima and Kibaale District (Reents 2013)
  • Kikoboza in Buhimba Village (Anderson) 2013
  • Wairagaza - Kinakyenjojo (multiple donors "Nancy well") 2013
  • Kiryamba Village - Kimaate in Bugambe subcounty (2nd Annual TH 2013 Golf Tournament)
  • Kitondora Village - Kabakazi (2nd Annual TH Golf Tournament 2013)
  • Bugwala Nalweyo in Kibaale District - borehole repair. (Joe and Deb Bergholz) 2011
  • Kikoora in Hoima District (Mike and Kim Jones 2014)
  • Rwebitembe in Hoima District (Scofield 2014)
  • Kahemura in Buliisa District (Scofield 2014)
  • Bwenderwa in Hoima District (Reents 2014)
  • Nyakibogo in Hoima District (AFP) 2014
  • Kinunda Village in Kibaale District (Kent Mills, Joe Bergholz, Ron Norby families 3rd Annual Think Humanity Golf Tournament 2014)
  • Kampala A in Buliissa District (3rd Annual Golf Tournament 2014)
  • Itutwe in Buliisa District (Americans for Philanthropy) 2014
  • Nyamengo in Kyangwali sub-county (Wallace 2014 3rd Annual Golf Tournament)
  • Mukarange Village Block 81in Kyangwali Refugee Camp (Roskamp) 2014
  • Kyabitaka Village in Kyangwali Refugee Camp (J/S Heckel) 2014
  • Mukarange VillageBlock 5 in Kyangwali Refugee Camp (Norby) 2015
  • Kitara Secondary School (Americans for Philanthropy) 2015
  • Mukarange Village Block 25 Kyangwali Refugee Camp (Tornow) 2015
  • Glory to God WellKituti Well in Kyangwali sub-county Hoima District (Faith Fellowship Church Mission is Possible 2015)
  • Kiryamasasa B Kihee LC1 Kijwenge Parish in Nalweyo Kibaale District -Think Humanity 4th Annual Golf Tournament - 2015 Bergholz-Mills
  • Ngoma Village Kyangwali sub-county Hoima District, Uganda. Think Humanity 4th Golf Tournament 2015 - Wells Fargo
  • Katebe LC1 Kitaihuka Parish Nalweyo Kibaale Bugangaizi West - 4th Annual Golf Tournament - Norby-Peetz 2015
  • Kibaale Village in Kyangwali sub-county Hoima District Butoole Parish -Think Humanity 4th Annual Golf Tournament 2015
  • NgogoliVillage Kyangwali Subcounty, Hoima District Uganda -4th Annual Golf Tournament 2015
  • Kigaaya West LC1 Buhimba Subcounty (Jim and Beth Heckel 2015
  • Kitoba Village in Hoima District -Norby Family Foundation 2016
  • Katoma Village in Kyangwali Sub-county Hoima District Americans for Philanthropy 2016
  • Nyakakindo Village Kyangwali Sub-county Hoima District Alexis Steinberger's Bat Mitzvah 2016
  • Rain Water Storage Tank for Planning for Tomorrow in Kyabitaka Village Kyangwali Refugee Camp. 2016
  • Kasasa Rukoge Village Hoima District -Faith Fellowship Church/Mission is Possible 2016
  • Mumiti Kyabigonoka Village in Buhimba Sub-county Hoima District -Wells Fargo through the TH 5th Annual Golf Tournament 2016
  • Kyamukunjuki in Kitoba sub-county Hoima District-Norby-Peetz through the TH 5th Annual Golf Tournament 2016
  • Kawegaramire in Kabwoya sub-county Hoima District -Bergholz-Mills through the TH 5th Annual Golf Tournament 2016
  • Kihandagana Cell Kichwamba Ward Mparo Div. Hoima - 5th Annual TH Golf Tournament 2016
  • Kyengo Village - 5th Annual Think Humanity Golf Tournament 2016
  • Water storage tank at Community Nursery and Primary School Katikara, Kibaale District 2016
  • Water storage tank at Think Humanity Girls' Hostel 2016
  • Mbaraara in Kitoba Sub-sounty, Bulyango Parish -6th Annual Golf Tournament 2017
  • Bucunga Village, Mparo Division, Kicwamba Ward - Mission is Possible XVIII 2017
  • Kyabigambire Sub-County (Mills-Bergholz 20176th Annual TH Golf Tournament)
  • Mpunda Village (Wells Fargo 2017 - 6th Annual Think Humanity Golf Tournament
  • Kahoojo Masaka, Bugambe sub-county2017 6th Annual Think Humanity Golf Tournament
  • Bigando Village, Buraru Parish Kyabigambire sub-county, Hoima District - Oman family 2018
  • Kisalizi-Kimigi in Masindi District. Children of Central Elementary School in Longmont, CO 2018
  • Katanga Zavu in Kikuube District, Grace Place. August 2018
  • Muhwiju-Nyaihanga Village, Kikuube District, Faith Fellowship Church, Mission is Possible XIX 2018. Finished August 2018
  • Kyasajwa Village in Kakumiro District, Ron and Vicki Norby, 7th Annual TH Golf Tournament 2018
  • Bweyale Village Kibaale District, Bergholz-Mills 7th Annual TH Golf Tournament 2018
  • Kiriira Village in Kakumiro District, Think Humanity 7th Annual Golf Tournament 2018
  • Katooma-Kyarujumba, 7th Annual Golf Tournament 2018
  • 2012 Kyarujumba well repair to cement - 2018
  • Kitagasa Village, Kikuube District. Dr. Will Reents and Kathy 2018
  • Bulima-Kahembe Village Bwijanga sub-county, Masindi District,Mark and Dottie Oman 2019
  • Bulima-Kahembe 2 Village, Bwijanga sub-county, Masindi District, Anderson-Burrs Family 2019
  • Kiriira Village, Nalweyo sub-county Kakumiro District, Dr. William and Kathy Reents 2019
  • Kyempungu-Kamusera Village, Nalweyo sub-county, Kakumiro District, in memory of Christian Michael Carmichael 2019
  • Ndongo LC1, Nalweyo sub-county, Kakumiro District, Bergholz-Mills 8th Annual Golf Tournament 2019
  • Burora A Village, Burora sub-county, Kagadi District, Ron and Vicki Norby 8th Annual Golf Tournament 2019
  • Nyabugando C Village, Burora sub-county, Kagadi District 8th Annual TH Golf Tournament 2019
  • Ngogoli A LC1, Kyangwali sub-county, Kikuube District, Mission is Possible XX, Faith Fellowship Church, FL 2019
  • Kasoga Village, Kyangwali sub-county, Kikuube District -8th Annual TH Golf Tournament 2019 and Tom and Jean Beaman
  • Hanga 2B near God's Mercy School,Kyangwali sub-county, Kikuube District - Rhonda Cronan 2020
  • Kisindi Village, Kabwoya sub-county, Kikuube District, Mark and Dottie Oman 2020
  • Kyohairwe Villlage in Buhanika, Tom and Jean Beaman 2020
  • Kyabigambire-Kyamakedu Village, Hoima District, Ron and Vicki Norby 2020
  • Bulimya Village, Kikuube District, Prairie IT (Oman family) 2020
  • Kimbyana Village, Hoima District, Prairie IT (Oman family) 2020
  • Munteme Village, Kikuube District, Bergholz-Mills 2020
  • Kyamurara Village, Kakumiro District, Naimon-Norton family 2020
  • Buniina Village, Kitoba sub-county, Hoima District, Oman family, December 2020
  • Kyabalyanga Cell in Hoima Municipality, McDaniel's, February 2021
  • Kibaire Village Hoima District, Joe and Kathy Tom, March 2021
  • Kakooge Village in Buhimba sub-county, Mark and Dottie Oman, April 2021
  • Rwomubazi Village, Buhimba sub-county, Kikuube District, Oman children 50th Anniversary well for parents, April-May 2021
  • Katuugo Village, Hoima District, in memory and honor of Dot Bevard, June 2021
  • Nyantwe Village, Buhimba sub-county, Hoima District, Mission is Possible Faith Fellowship Church, September 2021
Other wells have been constructed. Be watching for the new Think Humanityi website for more informaton.

Based on current exchange rates, Think Humanity can construct most wells for $3,000. Think Humanity works alongside community leaders to educate and maintain their wells. (When wells are constructed three or more at a time, we can get a better price.)

If you would like to donate toward a well in honor/memory of a loved one, we will provide a plaque stating whatever you would like to say. See a sample plaque inthe photo gallery.

"I don't know how often they do worm the children, but there are worms. They must be there, because they are sharing with animals. People are sharing with pigs, cattleandbaboons. This is one of the root causes of many diseases. So if you provide a solution here, you have provided a solution to very many problems." -Emmanuel Nsabimana

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